BoardMaps Board Portal Overview: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

BoardMaps Board Portal

BoardMaps helps managerial or governing bodies organize processes before, during, and after meetings. In fact, it’s the only issue-centric software available on the market that allows users to raise issues and include them in board meetings. All the decisions can be documented and tracked on the platform to ensure that the board achieves all desired objectives and plans. 

BoardMaps’ main benefits

BoardMaps is a great tool for meeting optimization with multiple helpful features. Despite that fact, its interface is not overloaded, and all functions are organized quite neatly, so you can find what you need within a few seconds. In total, the portal enables more efficient meeting preparation and execution for more than 1000 boards and committees. As a result, organizations can focus on making key decisions. 

Before a meeting, you can create an agenda on BoardMaps and manage invitations. The software automatically generates boardbooks that can be viewed both online and off. The possibility to arrange and share supporting materials makes the planning stage more efficient. Thanks to the video integration of Boardmaps with Skype for Business, boards, and teams are more engaged in online conferencing.

Boardmaps also generates meeting minutes and organizes documents in compliance with your company’s rules. It provides easy access to files that are used most often and allows you to safely share them. 

During meetings, participants can vote in polls, create new decision points, and discuss them on the fly. To improve collaboration, you can initiate new action items, set deadlines, and assign assistants and approvers. BoardMaps also provides statistics on action item progress and automatically sends reminders if needed. In general, the software guarantees compliance with business processes, and governance requirements. 

Pros of BoardMaps

  • BoardMaps’ team helps onboard staff members to get started with the software seamlessly. 
  • The system allows you to track each agenda item and decision, so you can focus on them separately. 
  • You can automatically generate the meeting minutes based on our templates, which saves time. 
  • Meetings can be conducted through a web browser or a mobile app. 
  • The customer support team is available around the clock.

Cons of BoardMaps

  • It may be quite difficult to figure out all of the permission settings.